PoE Cameras

PoE Cameras  

Electricity and data is sent over a CAT5 Ethernet cable to a PoE switch that is plugged into your router. The cameras plug into the PoE switch via the CAT5 cable. The CAT5 cabling can run up to 100 metres, enabling you to put your cameras in locations where there is no power supply.

In instances where more than 4 cameras are being installed, we the use of PoE cameras - ensuring stability over your network.

Advantages of using PoE:

Save time and money - no need to have power outlets installed. Network cables used in PoE setups can be purchased anywhere and do not require an electrician to fit them.

Flexibility of location - The cameras can be located where needed and easily repositioned

Safety - PoE is designed to protect network equipment from power surges and incorrect installation

Reliability - PoE power is derived from a central source and can be backed up using a UPS

Scalability - Purchasing a PoE switch with numerous ports allows you to add additional cameras to your surveillance system as and when you like.

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    This High Definition Network Video Recorder (NVR) JA-8108-P is a 8 channel recorder with built-in 8 Power Over Ethernet (POE) ports and supports all Jooan HD IP cameras and any other brand of ONVIF camera.

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